Typing Service 

With over 20 years typing, transcription and office administration experience, I have availability on Fiverr, a freelance platform where you get quality work from talented and skilled people like myself. 

Trained and qualified in touch typing by Pitmans and also qualified by the RSA (Royal Society of Arts), my regular and consistent typing speed is 70-80 words per minute (wpm) with 98% accuracy. 

If you need your scanned text or PDF’s copy typed into an editable format such as Word or Excel, please see my service available on Fiverr. Just click the link at the bottom and it will take you straight to my typing gig. 

What can I do for you as a professional touch typist?   Well just about anything with text or tables!  My previous projects have included copy typing religious booklets and newspaper articles from the 1930’s that were written by E. W. Kenyon.  A unique 1 copy manuscript that was 250 pages long.   

I’ve recreated a holiday apartment information folder page by page. Also copy typed an investment contract, then a work contract for a separate buyer.  
Some clients just require a few pages, others require a lot. If the scanned text is legible and clear i.e. not faded or scanned where text is missing, it is a straight forward job for me. 

If scanned pages are faded, discoloured or faint, I can usually do something to make the scanned document much more readable to copy type, at no extra cost. 

As a separate gig I can copy type hand written notes or anything handwritten, but please consider how legible the handwriting is to the copy typist. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions, I’d be happy to answer them, anytime. 



2 thoughts on “Typing Service 

    • virtuadminuk says:

      Thank you for your comment. Message me or comment if you would like my rates for manuscript typing. I love what I do, it’s a pleasure to help people. Enjoy the remainder of your day. 😃


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