Outsourcing Digital Services: Have you streamlined your business yet?

The World is shrinking.  100 years of technological advances have seen the emergence of the ‘Global Village’ (Alan Doughty – Virtuadmin).   Instant communication, information at your fingertips – every minute, you hear or see something different that happens all over the globe.  In fact, these activities have set the fingertips abuzz with these latest events; so much so that it becomes very important to capture it and post these fleeting latest news or events that just happened almost immediately and not lose its source.

An Interview for example; you just had the best Interview with one of the top Disc Jockeys in the Music Industry and want it transcribed quickly so you can get your great story out there.  A great podcast that you listened to and would like it transcribed so that you have the whole podcast in a text format so you have something to read or scan through and makes notes, fact checking, something caught your ear when you were originally listening and want to find that point again to refresh yourself of exactly what was said.

Students can benefit from transcription by recording their lectures and then having the audio transcribed; or a student doing their dissertation and that involves interviewing people to complete it.

Videos have a lot to gain from having an accurate transcript uploaded to them.  This is such an economical way to do “DIY SEO!”  Getting your video transcribed and then uploading the .txt or .srt file to your video will give search engine bots a lot more information about what your video is about.  If there is just a title and description for the total information about that video that does not give them much to search and find your video and rank it highly in the results.  By adding a transcript the search engine bots have so much more keyword rich text detailing what your is about that it will score higher in search engine results due to adding an accurate transcript.

Digital transcription is growing in demand because of the 100’s of years of technological advances that have been made.  Everything is now instantly available and because of this digital transcription services has not just expanded in demand in the media industry and across a huge variety of industries.  Social Media exploded onto the scene in the early 2000’s and along came podcasts, webinars, and video, all of which benefit greatly from using transcription services.

Transcription Services are becoming a necessity for every single type of business whether it is a small start-up, entrepreneur or a huge multi-million dollar firm; to function exceptionally well and gain a competitive edge over others; you require expert transcriptionists to put into text audio or video speech into text with exceptional accuracy – always.

Time crunches have become very common these days and the audio / video is usually required to be transcribed within a short time frame as these are challenges that businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs face today.  Outsourcing transcription services to a trusted and cost effective transcription solution like Virtuadmin in order to meet their targets and deadlines is increasing.  Professional transcription services like us with years of transcribing experience can offer direct and instant communication for getting your transcript exactly as you want it, the format you want and time stamping at the frequency you stipulate.

You also need a transcription service that provides a variety of comprehensive transcription services in a variety of industries under one roof.  Virtuadmin can offer and we will optimise and customise to find solutions to meet your business needs and offer any help and advice possible as very experienced professionals.

Time Stamping

Time Stamping and Coding is an important part of the transcription process and time stamping is the process of adding time references to the audio or video content at the frequency specified by you as the client.  Every transcript needs time-stamping so that it can be used in the future for proper identification as well as synchronisation when it goes for editing.

Benefits of Time Stamping

  • The start time, style, and frequency of time coding are noted-down for effective      transcription.
  • Improves productivity and streamlines work flow.
  • Assures customer support service.
  • Easy reference point when discussing with other people.

The Major Advantages of Outsourcing Transcription

  • Quickest and Shortest Possible Turn-around possible (dealing with us directly).
  • Very Cost-effective Transcription Solution with SEO benefits. (Rates from £5 for 10 minutes of audio / video)
  • First Class Quality Service with a High Level of Accuracy and Speed (Native English speaker).
  • Highly Customised Format as per your requirements agreed at the start of the project.
  • High level of Confidentiality and a confidentially agreement is available upon request.
  • Time saved by not having to use an agency for a temporary transcriptionist.
  • Available immediately to start your audio.
  • No rigid templates, the transcript is to your design specification.

A lot of businesses and students have benefitted from using transcription services; have you streamlined your business and started outsourcing your audio or video transcription to Virtuadmin?  Email us at contact.us@virtuadmin.co.uk for your audio or video to be transcribed professionally, quickly and cost effectively whilst maintaining accuracy.


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