Sloppy copy: top five horrors

The Cut

It’s enough to give us a heart attack.  Yes, we know we live in a world where malapropisms, text message spelling and other general King’s English delights reign supreme. But we are still—call us naïve—shocked when we continue to see top media outlets, ads and others play fast and loose with the rules.

Herewith, our top 5 commonly seen sloppy copy offenses, in random order:

  1. As in “lay low,” “lay out in the sun,” and “lay down.” Wrong wrong wrong. Each of those uses in the present tense should utilize “lie.” “Lay” is reserved for physically placing something, as in “I will lay the ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ Vanity Fair issue on the nightstand.” Or in the past tense, as in “The copywriter lay waiting on the stretcher for the account manager to save him.” Unfortunately, these misuses have become so ingrained that we hear newscasters and other authority figures who…

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