How to Take Charge of Your “Professional” Personal Brand


Written by: Trevor Young JUNE 22, 2015

I like to say you have a personal brand whether you like it or not.

What people say about you (when you’re not in the room), THAT is your brand; how people perceive you – how they feel as a result of having come into contact with you – whether in person, on the phone, via email or on social media – THAT is your brand.

So why wouldn’t you want to influence that?

If people’s collective attitude and feelings towards you are consistent, that means your personal ‘brand’ is becoming more defined in the eyes of the public (i.e. the community or marketplace in which you operate; your network, industry, profession).

If those feelings across the board are consistently positive, fantastic!

If they’re negative, well, you might like to work on that 🙂

If people don’t have an opinion of you one way or the other, then your ‘professional’ personal brand is potentially too ‘vanilla’ (i.e. you don’t stand out, you’re not memorable, you’re not seen as someone who stands for anything of substance – all of which is not good from a professional perspective).

If people receive mixed messages after coming into contact with you (again, personally or via another communication medium) – i.e. you’re provocative on Twitter but meek and mild in real life – then in all probability you’re all over the shop. If this is the case, you might want to start acting in a more consistent manner. At least this way, people will get a better handle as to who you are, what you do and, importantly, what your purpose is.

Start taking charge today!

I often include the slide below in my speaking presentations and it tends to resonate with people. I feel it’s a good starting point if you’re wanting to start taking charge of your ‘professional’ personal brand.

Read more here:


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