How to Create Social Media Images That Connect With Your Audience


Written by Anna Guerrero

Are you sharing visual content on social media?

Do your images stand out?

Creating and curating clever visual content can engage your audience on a personal level.

The more consumers relate to you and your company, the more likely they will invest in your social media presence and your brand.

In this article you’ll discover seven ways to connect with your audience using social media images.

#1: Create Impact With Company Screenshots

Screenshots are a powerful way to share insights and information about your company, since they make your audience feel as if they’re right there with you. Use screenshots to create unique, engaging content that will intrigue your fans.

In this Twitter post Buffer treats fans to the inner workings of one of its growth experiments by showing two screenshots of an A/B tested email.

The screenshots act as evidence and a visual representation of the experiment, which gives meaning to the collected data. The text that accompanies the post is short, yet effective. It provides a hook for the article, but lets the screenshots speak mostly for themselves.

2: Share Interesting Facts With Infographics

The brain is capable of processing visual content 60,000 times more quickly than text, which is why images help you stand out on social media. Infographics take this concept to the next level, as they allow you to convey large chunks of interesting information in a visually captivating way.

For example, Compassion International created a compelling infographic for World Poverty Day. When people share the graphic, they also share numerous facts, as well as a whole lot of awareness about an important cause.

Infographics allow you to create an impact and capture the attention of your followers with just one image.

#3: Get Personal With Behind-the-Scenes Shots

Your followers see your logo on their social media feed and your products in real life, but there’s so much they don’t know about their favorite brands. How exactly how does Hershey’s make their chocolate kisses? Who voices the Geico gecko? What is your brand’s unknown?

Give your audience a glimpse of who you really are with behind-the-scenes pictures from your company.

Nasty Gal clothing CEO Sophia Amoruso regularly appears on the company’s social media pages to show that they are not “just another fashion retailer.” By connecting with her fans on a personal level, Amoruso humanizes the Nasty Gal brand. She encourages audiences to connect as a friend, rather than a business, which boosts engagement tenfold.

[This article first appeared on Social Media Examiner on May 12th 2015. Click this link to read the full article]


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