How to Improve Your Google+ Marketing


Written by Ben Fisher

Are you marketing on Google+?

Do people pay attention to your messages?

In this article you’ll discover five ways to strengthen engagement on Google+.

#1: Follow the Formula

If your intent is to encourage engagement, writing a post that is formatted properly for Google+ is practically formulaic:

1. Create a post title that is no more than 40 characters long and use asterisks at each end to make it bold.

2. Summarize the post so the reader knows what to expect. Keep your summary close to 159 characters and you’ll have exactly three lines of text, which ensures that most people will see the whole thing without having to click Read More.

3. Include a link to the destination post if you’re using an image or video.

4. Add some personal insight (in your brand’s voice) to create a connection with the reader. Ask a question or include a call to action to help boost your engagement.

5. Add three to five hashtags to improve discovery in Google+ and Google search.

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