When is Taking and Using Images Online a Good Thing?

As a blogger, one of the biggest concerns you will have is finding images online that you can use without any trouble with the law. This becomes an even bigger problem if you don’t have the design chops to create images yourself.

Bohemea is a cautionary tale for bloggers who used photographs without consent of the owner. Her Tumblr blogs, which contained 100,000 posts over the span of five years, was deleted by the microblogging site due to complaints about her unfair use of copyrighted content.

Had Tumblr informed Bohemea of the complaints ahead of time, she would have been more than happy to take them down herself. Instead, the law came down hard on her. Whether or getting her blogs wiped out was justified is immaterial – this only goes to show that you must observe the ethics of publishing content, which includes images, on your web properties.

If you’re not aware of the laws governing the content you will use, it’s your fault.  Bohemea is just one of the many bloggers and marketers who have been financially crippled by copyright infringement. The threat is real and it’s best to learn how you can prevent your website or blog from incurring the same wrath from the law.

Below are basic tips and advice on how you find good images for your site and evade copyright infringement.
When they are listed under Creative Commons

Images filed upon Creative Commons can be used for your blog or website as long as you apply proper attribution on the image to its owner. Also, there are different licenses under Creative Commons so you have to be wary of the rules or conditions applied to each.
Among the websites that offer images under Creative Commons, Flickr and Wikimedia Commons are the best out there.

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