Social Media Tools That Help Optimize Your Time

April 8, 2015
Written by Kristi Hines

Do you struggle to keep up with social media tasks?

Are you looking for ways to get more done?

Whether you need help maintaining your social accounts, finding content to curate or monitoring competitors, there are ways to simplify these processes.

In this article I’ll share a number of tools to maximize the time you spend on social media.


#1: Hire Out Social Media Signups

If you don’t have social media profiles and pages set up for your business yet, hire someone or use a service to create them for you. Companies like KnowEm offer a service where for about $85, they will create full business profiles and pages for you on 25 essential networks.


Your name will be reserved on various social networks, and you can build up the profiles at a later date. Once you passed the setup hurdle, it will be much easier to maintain them.

[Read The Full Article on Social Media Examiner]


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