How Do I Create A Persona For My Content Marketing Efforts?

Jeff Julian
APRIL 9, 2015


In Agile and Content Marketing, everything hinges on the persona.  I know that is a very bold statement, but I truly believe our personas are at the core of both.  This is why:

First is Content Marketing, if you don’t know your audience, you will never be able to produce assets tailored for them.  These audience members will hopefully find great joy is consuming the content you produce, share it with their friends and co-workers, and moving through your outlined Customer Journey.  This may include purchasing something from you, influencing a purchase, or helping your brand grow.  Whatever you want them to do, you have to have a plan to deliver content that is engaging.  Unfortunately, most marketers are good at cranking out content, but they fail at cranking out content that delivers these engaging experiences due to their lack of knowledge and empathy for the audience.  Enter the need for great personas.

Second is Agile Marketing.  Agile Marketing is how your team executes the marketing efforts.  What you do to plan your content, create your content, listen to your audience’s reaction about your content, and make adjustments when necessary is the premise of Agile Marketing.  If the number one goal is not Audience Satisfaction, you will not produce content at the appropriate time, know how to deliver value, and many more costly mistakes that will drive your Content Marketing bus down the wrong street.  How bad would it be to have an amazing marketing effort but all along you targeted the wrong audience?  Even mediocre content delivered to the right audience would perform better.

If you are just reading in this series on personas, I suggest you check out these two articles:  Why do I need Personas in my Content Marketing Strategy? and Looking for Persona Data that Matters.  They will fill in some important information about personas and get you ready for this post.

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