Web Apps Have Keyboard Shortcuts, Too — And Many Work Almost Everywhere


Keyboard Shortcuts

by Chris Hoffman on March 15th, 2015

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t just for web browsers themselves. Most of those web apps you use — everything from Facebook and Twitter to Gmail and Outlook.com — offer keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed things up.

A handful of keyboard shortcuts work almost everywhere. To use them, just go to the website and press the appropriate key. They won’t work while you’re typing into a text box, though.

These few keyboard shortcuts will serve you well almost everywhere:

? – Shows keyboard help in nearly every web app that offers keyboard shortcuts. This will work in Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook.com, Feedly, Pocket, and many, many other web applications. It’ll open an inline cheat sheet with a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use. You don’t need to memorize them all, but you can find the keyboard shortcuts you want.

j and k – Quickly move to the next or previous item. This works for stories in your Facebook newsfeed, tweets on Twitter, emails in Gmail, and so on. The standard arrow keys won’t work for this because they’re used for scrolling the web page up and down.

/  – Search. This generally focuses the web app’s search field, so you can tap / , type a search, and press Enter. Use this to search Facebook posts, tweets, emails, or whatever else the website uses. It works differently from Ctrl+F to search in your browser.

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